The project planned by TANERAY Construction will be carried out in Güre District of Edremit district of Balikesir province. The property is located at the foot of the Ida Mountains, known around the world as the Ida mountains, 300 meters from the sea and offers complete sea views. There are quality thermal water sources in the region and there are many thermal health facilities in the surrounding area. The climate is very favorable and the oxygen content is well known in the world. Therefore, many COAH patients settle in this area with the advice of a doctor. It is very easy to reach and is 20 minutes from Edremit International airport. It is also on the Çanakkale-İzmir road. It is 3 hours from Istanbul by road.

There are many health institutions in Gure where you can get all kinds of health services. Among them, we can mention the 600-bed Edremit State Hospital and the Gulf Medical Center. All kinds of surgical operations are performed in these institutions.

What to do in Güre

In winter, you can relax in the healing hot springs and cool off in the sea in summer. Gure is a source of healing with Aphrodite hot springs . You can go for long walks in the oxygenated environment of Mount Ida, you can trekking, you can have a picnic in Pınarbaşı, you can visit the Ethnography Museum in Tahta Kuşlar Village. You can buy olives and olive oils produced by the local right in Güre. There are many fish restaurants in Gure where you can find almost all kinds of seafood.

Gure Hot Springs

Edremit Güre welcomes tourists not only in summer but also in winter with its hot springs. Those who want to benefit from the healing waters of Gure benefit from the thermal facilities in the region intensively. As there are daily visits from the close surroundings, especially from Balıkesir and Çanakkale, those who come from Istanbul for long-term healing tourism are not to be underestimated. The hot water source of about 64 degrees is also a source of healing with the minerals it contains, and it has been observed that it contains radioactive properties in the examinations.

In the analyzes, the presence of sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and aluminum elements was seen. It is understood from the historical remains in the region where the healing waters here have been used since ancient times. . It is known to be good for gynecological diseases, rheumatism, goiter, psoriasis, kidney stones, liver and skin disorders. It is mentioned in historical sources that Aphrodite owes its beauty to these waters.

Beaches of Güre

Located in the protected nature of Ida Mountains, which is a national park, at an advantageous point where the mountain and the sea are intertwined, Güre provides an opportunity for alternative tourism.

When you come to the Güre pier area, you will see summer houses when you look to the right. The seasides of the cottages are the areas used as FREE PUBLIC BEACH.

Ancient City of Troya

It is located very close to the world-famous ancient city of Troy, Güre. Troy is approximately 60 km from Troy Active Living Center.

Troy's popularity doesn't just come from its found historical remains. Epics were written on the ancient city of Troy (Troy), which history called the 'nest of love, heroism and civilization', and these epics have made Troy even more legendary until today. The most famous of these works is Homer's Iliad.

Ancient City of Pergamon (Bergama)

One of the Cultural and Art Centers of the Ancient World, the Settlement was also the Capital of the Hellenistic Kingdom of Pergamon. The ancient city of Pergamon is located 90 Km from Troy Active Life Center.

Philetairos either betrayed Lysimachus or after his death, towards the end of 280 BC, he used the treasure in question and led to the establishment of the Kingdom of Pergamon. Bergama, which later turned into an important kingdom, also served as the capital of this kingdom. As one of the centers of culture and art of the Hellenistic world for about 150 years.

It competed with Alexandria (Alexandria), which Alexander the Great had founded in Egypt. During this period, many philosophers and scientists came to the city, a library was established that was large enough to compete with Alexandria, and the Pergamonians found the parchment, that is, leather paper, whose name came from Pergamon (Pergamon).

Ancient City of Assos

Assos is known as an ancient city located in Behramkale Village, about 17 km south of Ayvacik district of Çanakkale province of Turkey. The ancient city of Assos is located 20 Km from Troy Active Life Center.

Assos in history was known for its wealth because it had the only major port in the region where it was located. Sarcophagi made of andesite became world-famous for quickly rotting corpses and were exported to Lebanon, Syria, Greece and Rome.

Aristotle, one of the great thinkers of antiquity, lived in this city for three years.

Asos was also considered a holy place by Christians as it was also visited by Paul. Today, there are many historical monuments in the ancient city of Asos. With the excavations carried out, many historical remains were found. In this respect, Asos is a region visited by thousands of tourists every year.